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Cynthia Altoriso

Cynthia Altoriso’s imaginative approach in art direction, styling or overall production, is the result of Italian-Cuban ancestry coupled with her good fortune in growing up surrounded by relatives passionate about everything from opera and fine dining to the long lost art of the great seamstress.

Altoriso was raised in Brooklyn, studied at Temple University, and took advantage of an art related program in Rome, delving head first into digesting every aspect of European and world history.

It was during this period when she fell victim to the tendencies of her heart—the performing and visual arts, antiques, film and photography, haute couture and vintage clothing, and the fabulously gifted cast of characters who navigate these colorful and emotional territories.

Speaking of gifted characters, Altoriso’s good fortune in early work with fashion icon Diana Vreeland at the Metropolitan Museum underscored these heartfelt fascinations, while at the same time offering her a rare insider’s view into the world of ‘the set’ and how to rapidly gather its critical elements—from location to props to talent—all vital to the development of her craft.

In her many years since of ‘setting the stage’ for film makers, photographers and the like, there is one man, backdrop artist Charles Broderson, with whom Altoriso oft collaborates.  Whether responsible for creating the story, or following a client’s vision, the depth of scenic diversity Broderson supplies is always in sync with her unique perspectives.

Name the mission—Cynthia Altoriso fulfills it.  Need the idea—be prepared for compelling and profound options—and always with her casting the opposite side of the lens in divine alignment with the theme and its players.

Combine the detailed knowledge of an expert historian with the eye of a great painter, and you find Cynthia Altoriso—poised to connect the pieces of your next masterpiece.

The Harder Group, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Wardrobe Stylists, serving NY, NJ, PA
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