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Shaun Thomas Gibson

Shaun's love for makeup began while pursuing his B.A. in Industrial Design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Industrial Design majors take a number of mold making courses. One of these courses focused on mold making for special effects. This class required Shaun to create prosthetic appliances from life cast molds and apply them to models. The transformative process of special effects makeup sparked Shaun's interest and led him to explore other avenues that nurtured this process.

At the time Shaun found himself surrounded by the local fashion and art scene. It didn't take long for Shaun to see the parallel between special effects and the fashion and beauty industry. Both worlds have a transformative effect on people, so it only seemed natural for Shaun to segue into makeup artistry.

After graduation, he moved to New York City to begin a career as a TV, editorial, and commercial makeup artist.

Once there, he relied on his network of associates and found work as an assistant artist. Working with Factory Downtown, and BECCA Cosmetics, Shaun was given the opportunity to help on fashion shows and in national and international publications. Shaun is currently an artist for D'angelo Thompson Pro Artist and M•A•C Artist Relations where he has worked as lead artsit for TV series, commercials, promos, fashion shows, E- commerce shoots, and specials events. Shaun also works as an assistant artist for Factory Downtown, See Management, and Ken Barboza and Associates.

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