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 Jackie Risotto

Jackie Risotto is a New York based Hair and Makeup artist who also specializes in SFX.  After attending Make Up Designory in Manhattan, NY, she began her career as a freelance artist.  She focused on becoming a top Film and TV makeup artist and after a few years,  pursued her dream of being in the Makeup Artist Union.  She achieved this goal and was accepted into Local 798 as a makeup artist in 2014.  From here forward her career took off.  Through hard work and determination, Jackie is now the Makeup Dept. Head of Showtimes series Homeland.  With credits on Films and TV shows like The Girl On The Train, Don’t Think Twice, and Blindspot, her opportunities and potential will be limitless.  

The Harder Group, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Wardrobe Stylists, serving NY, NJ, PA
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